Get married on the same day

Nowadays, people prefer court marriages more over the traditional ones. People look for ways by which the entire marriage can be completed in a short time, preferably on the same day. While traditional ceremonial marriages last more than 5 days with all the pre and post marriage rituals, court marriages generally get completed on the same day itself. Court marriages in Delhi are very common and are more preferred. Below are some major reasons, why people choose court marriage in Indirapuram.

Why go with same-day marriage?

  1. Budget-friendly: This is the most important reason why people choose same-day court marriages. While a traditional marriage costs more than tens of lakhs, a court marriage would hardly cost anything more than 10 thousand.
  2. Not time-consuming: There are many people who don’t want to spend an entire week performing rituals, ceremonies, and parties. Instead, they want their marriage to be solemnized in a day. In such cases, same-day court marriages are preferred.
  3. No regressive rituals: There are numerous rituals that are followed in traditional marriage and sometimes the rituals are so regressive that they make you feel sick. Court marriage would ensure that there is minimal ritual and the entire marriage would be completed within the same day.
  4. Personal touch: In traditional marriages, huge numbers of relatives are invited and somewhere between all the hustle and bustle, the personal touch is lost. In court marriages, only the real close ones are present which gives a personal touch to the marriage.

How to get married in one day?

If you want to complete all your marriage formalities in one day, it can be done through Arya Samaj Marriage. However, this facility is available only for people belonging to Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism religions. If someone who belongs to a different religion wants an Arya Samaj Marriage, then he/she needs to convert himself to Hinduism. This is the best procedure for court marriage in Indirapuram and usually, in this process, the marriage certificate is issued within 4 hours. This certificate is registered under the 1954 Hindu Marriage Act. So this marriage is budget-friendly, requires very little time, and has minimal rituals. Also since only close people are involved, this gives a personal touch.

Basic eligibility criteria

  • Groom should be at least 21 years and the bride should be at least 18 years.
  • Either bride or groom should be a citizen of India.
  • Should have valid identity proofs containing the date of birth.
  • Should have proper address proofs.
  • Should have 4 witnesses having permanent addresses in Delhi.

These are the basic criteria for court marriage in Indirapuram. However, there are other conditions too depending on the type of marriage.

There are other ways too by which court marriages are completed very quickly. It is recommended to take help from professional firms like Delhi NCR Court Marriage as they have expert legal advisors who provide all kinds of court marriage services. So, if you want to get married on the same day, you could surely try seeking professional help.